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Some other day anyways

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I am ridiculously permeable [Nov. 2nd, 2009|11:09 pm]
Some other day anyways
and from the myopic, broken-hearts of the fallen sons of sky grew a longing. The winds and the waters tumbled the stones about, trying to return their songs, but merely ground that longing into clay. From clay were the golems and trolls born - creatures of waiting. The trolls looked at the sky and knew that someday the sun would harden them to stone and then to stars and they would rejoin the sky. The golems looked to the earth and knew that someday the toils of her turnings would dissolve them into the roots of the trees. Knowing that someday they would not be alone, the golems were the lonelier of the two. They found life and listened. Mankind commanded them to work and the golems did. The trolls, knowing that someday they would burn lifetimes apart from each other, wandered the mountains and mines alone, singing in deep voices to harmonize with their echos and watching the land rise and fall.